WorkFriend Has Returned My Will to Live

I have just blundered into the world’s best advice column.  It’s the NY Time’s basically brand spanking new (as in 10 weeks old) WorkFriend column (click here). To sum up: workplace problems sorted by a hip and cheerful nihilist. Choire Sicha, whoever you are, I salute you. I don’t even have a workplace anymore, but you are now the little ray of sunshine bringing light into my miserable winter days.

My favorite lines from today’s workplace advice from WorkFriend:

“In any event, the only logical path to success is to assume both these facts are true: Your co-worker is afraid of you, and your boss is out to get you.”

“Offices run on you — offices are you. The super-competent who can see more than four hours ahead, while the people “in charge” blunder from endless meeting to endless meeting, making plans that’ll get whiteboarded away next week.”

“Your intention to not sleep with your co-workers is appreciated. (From 10 weeks of monitoring the inbox, I know that all of you are sleeping with each other, and I promise it will only end in tears and/or children…”

“Fun! You have a juncture here in which you can change or ruin or derail or improve a life.”


Oooh. And now it’t time for me to go laugh through the entire 10 week archive of advice.  Hurrah!



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