After a couple of adventurous decades as a biogeochemist, culminating in a number of years as a full professor, Christina De La Rocha decided it was time to try something new and live someplace she liked living. Throwing caution to the wind and the cats and the furniture into a van, she resigned and drove away. Now she lives in northern Germany and works as a writer and an editor.

In addition to her academic publications (including co-editing the book Work Meets Life), Christina has published Silica Stories (a popular science book), stories and non-fiction in Analog and Unsustainable Magazine, and a novel at Smashwords. She now also edits non-fiction at Solarpunk Magazine and is currently working on her second book of non-fiction.

A member of the ACES Society for Editing, Christina is available for writing, ghostwriting, and editing (especially developmental and line editing) of fiction, science fiction, and non-fiction. She’s also available for reviewing the accuracy and clear explanation of scientific topics in stories and articles.