Welcome to my website.

After a couple of adventurous decades as a biogeochemist working my way up the career ladder all the way to full professor, working in universities and research institutes in California, Massachusetts, England, Germany, France, and Sweden, I realized that what I actually wanted to be when I grew up was a writer. So, one day, when I could not stand it any longer, I threw caution to the wind and resigned, packed the cats and the furniture into a van, and drove out to live in the countryside of northern Germany to work on Unrealistic Career Plan B.

Since then, the cats have all died and been replaced by a dog who demands way too much of my time and I’ve managed to write a lot and publish a few things too. Some of it has been science fiction and some of it has been popular science. Some of it has been published for real in Analog or, in the case of the pop-sci book, an actual publishing company. The rest lives on the web at Smashwords and Wattpad and a fledgling eco magazine from New Zealand.

Enjoy your stay!

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