Support for you and your manuscript

Doctors and coaches both help you be the best person you can be. A doctor figures out what’s wrong with you and tries to fix it. A coach identifies what you’re doing wrong, what you’re doing right, and works with you to excel.

To take that further, a book doctor figures out what’s wrong with your book and‒unlike an developmental editor, who sticks with suggesting what you need to do to improve your manuscript‒goes ahead and fixes it for you.

Meanwhile, a writing coach helps you. Maybe you’re stuck and could use support finding your way through writers block or that chapter that you can’t get past. Perhaps you’d like to understand what story you’re really trying to tell. Or maybe you just want help honing your writing practice, improving the pace of your progress or your skill as a writer.

In any case, I can help!

My rates for coaching and book doctoring depend upon the project, but generally run from US$50-100/hour (44-88 EUR/hour).

Let’s talk and see if we’re a good match.