Although I have done my best to eradicate them (they do not play well with others), we have hundreds of columbines again this year, in every shade imaginable between pinkishly white and as purple as midnight.


Early April’s snow showers have given way to dry, cool, sunny days and frosty nights. And dry is not what the vegetation is used to here. The last time April was this dry, which was a couple of years ago,… Read More ›


**SPOILER ALERT** We didn’t get hit by the blizzard, which also didn’t turn out to be the blizzard of the century. I, for one, mostly because I don’t know what I’m talking about, am disappointed. But most people here are… Read More ›

It Snowed

It snowed here for the first time worth mentioning in a couple of years. Although it was thin on the ground and it’s pretty darned flat here, I was inspired to excavate the little wooden sled with the Made in… Read More ›