Three Socks

I hadn’t blogged in forever and that was bugging me, but I couldn’t think of anything to blog about.  So, I did what any thoroughly post-post-modern middle-aged woman would do and tossed the problem out to Twitter.  The most intriguing… Read More ›

Just a Few Days Left

Long story, short: I’m helping start a new science fiction magazine! And (if you’re reading this before October 30, 2021) we’re in the last handful of days of our Kickstarter campaign to gather enough funding to pay professional rates (as… Read More ›


Although I have done my best to eradicate them (they do not play well with others), we have hundreds of columbines again this year, in every shade imaginable between pinkishly white and as purple as midnight.


Early April’s snow showers have given way to dry, cool, sunny days and frosty nights. And dry is not what the vegetation is used to here. The last time April was this dry, which was a couple of years ago,… Read More ›