AnLab Finalist!

I keep forgetting to mention that my article, Evolving Brainy Brains Takes More Than Living on a Lucky Planet, which you can read HERE, is a 2022 Analytical Laboratory Award finalist. These are the reader’s choice awards for Analog Magazine of Science Fiction and Fact.

Despite my pathetic inability to log into my blog and crow about this, I am so pleased! Somebody out there enjoys what I write!!

I’d be extra pleased if you take this opportunity to read it, too. Let me know what you think!

I’m starting to think about putting a book together on the topic, in fact, of how the Earth has managed to remain habitable for the last at least 4.4 billion years. There are some cool stories of Earth pulling its climate out of some tailspins. Because, of course, this isn’t exactly the first incident of catastrophic climate change in Earth history.

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