Just a Few Days Left

Long story, short: I’m helping start a new science fiction magazine! And (if you’re reading this before October 30, 2021) we’re in the last handful of days of our Kickstarter campaign to gather enough funding to pay professional rates (as defined by SFWA) for short fiction, poems, and short works of non-fiction.

Check us out! We could definitely use your support.

The magazine is here: https://solarpunkmagazine.com/

The Kickstarter campaign is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/androidpress/solarpunk-magazine-2022 . Again it ends on Oct 30, 2021 and as of the moment of this typing, we’re about $1500 short of being able to fund the entire first year’s worth of issues (but with all of the editors more or less just volunteering their time and work). Donating $5 gets you our inaugural issue (coming in Jan 2022 and including a great interview with Kim Stanley Robinson). $10 nets you the first two issues. $25 lands you a full year’s subscription. There are still lots of other goodies on offer!

If you’re curious about what the hell solarpunk is and whether or not you’d be interested to read or write (or live) it, I have a short guest post over on Cat Rambo’s website with my take on it and why I’m so excited about it. The internet is also full of thoughts about solarpunk.

BTW, our first submission window is coming up SOON (Nov 1-14). Check out our guidelines here: https://solarpunkmagazine.moksha.io/publication/1/guidelines.

We’d love to see something from YOU!

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