Ela Minus

After flipping through the third music magazine that our neighbor brought us from the publishing company he works for, I discovered a third sampler CD of new music. At first I was suspicious–the first track was by the Eels and they’ve been around for at least 30 years, the last fifteen of which have not been worth mentioning–but I gave it a spin and now I have a new musical addiction: Ela Minus. I don’t know anything about her except that, judging from her voice, she is depressingly young. I don’t normally go for electronica, or whatever the currently hip term for it is, but I think she’s great and I love that she has a sort of bonkers way of saying things and an accent I can’t put my finger on (although she seems to come from Brooklyn).

Just fyi, her album came about about a week ago (it’s available on Bandcamp) and the videos are up on YouTube. Here is my favorite of her songs:

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