Zaphod Beeblebrox Sunflower Plus What the Dog Dragged In

I was out watering the garden today and realized we’ve got a bit of Zaphod Beeblebrox action going on in the sunflower department.

8 17 2020a

So, yeah, that is a two-headed sunflower, not two different sunflower plants.  That sprouted from a sunflower seed that either escaped the chickens’ notice in their feed and ended up in compost that ended up in the raised  bed, or a sunflower seed that passed through a chicken and then ended up in the compost that ended up in the raised bed.  In any case, you have to wonder exactly what kind of chemicals it got hit by to end up producing two heads.


Meanwhile, nothing any of the cats ever dragged in quite prepared me for the stuff we have to pry out of the growling, clenched jaw of the dog, who will generally eat anything, provided it’s absolutely and utterly disgusting.

Exhibit A: The dead, decapitated, mummified head of a rat

8 17 2020b


I don’t know if this was a new find or a treat he had buried previously to savor another day (that day being today).

8 17 2020d


But, holy cow, check out these teeth!

8 17 2020e

Remind me to never get bitten by a rat.

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