Somebody Obviously Never Saw Heathers

Like literally literally every other sentient being currently on Earth (and undoubtedly everyone who is up on the space station, too), I’ve spent the whole day today repeatedly greeting the wall with my forehead.  I knew he wasn’t the word’s brightest light bulb and that at times he seemed to be grasping at a reality that was different than mine, but even if I was absolutely not at all a fan, I had assumed there was at least one brain cell motoring around in there, and not always just on idle.  But, nope.  With this whole business of suggesting in his breathiest most presidential voice that experts were going to look into shining bright light inside people and injecting them with disinfectant (because that sounds so much more technical than bleach?), it finally really became utterly crystal clear.  He’s not just a mean, cruel, narcissistic bully who is uninformed, intellectually lazy, has no attention span, and would be a nihilist to boot except that he believes 150% in himself.  He really is stupid.  Like honest to god thick as a post dumb.

I mean, this is way beyond 25th Amendment time.  Never mind that he has the launch codes or that he’s in the midst of trying to start a war with Iran or even that the guy who is supposed to be coordinating the national response to a global pandemic just seriously told the nation to go drink bleach because that could kill the virus in like a minute!   No,  it just seems like now how can anyone, be it a governor or a congressperson or any world leader who is actually trying to reach agreements and get stuff done, ever bother talking to this idiot again, when he so clearly too stupid to realize he has no grasp at all on reality.  Plus, the man has clearly never seen Heathers.  Anyone who has seen Heathers knows exactly what happens when you ingest household cleaning products.



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