Drawing to a Close

It’s a Friday afternoon.  The light is starting to think about fading for the day, everyone appears to have gotten off work already and is out and about and getting exercise or walking the dog, and my time here in Alaska is drawing to a close.

I never did manage to get out and see anything much beyond for the handful of boulevards I walked down for a mile or two in each direction from the house.

As of more or less yesterday, S emerged from her post-surgery zombie-like state.  Her first request was: potato chips, 2 different kinds of ice cream bars, fried chicken strips, and Caesar salad.  Since then, she’s also had pepperoni pizza and pad Thai (friends came by bearing meals).  So that’s clearly S on the mend after nearly a week of a little bit of watery oatmeal here and a single scrambled egg in a small flour tortilla there.

But S still has very little stamina and tends to hit the wall and need to go back to bed NOW.  Also she still hasn’t figured out the issue of a jacket that fits over her sling.  So home bound we’ve been, with the exception of me going out for a walk through the neighborhood now and then.

Hah!  I clearly picked the wrong shift.  I will pass off the baton tomorrow to her sister (not literally: it’s more like our fights will pass each other somewhere between here and Seattle) and there’s exciting stuff, like a live action Rocky Horror Show, on the agenda for next week.

Three cheers for the sister, though, who is coming up despite her terror of Alaska’s climate.  She lives in super sunny southern California and bought long johns and all sorts of warm, furry stuff in anticipation of her trip here.  She may be surprised, though.  I’ve found that when I got out walking, a wool sweater and a fleece jacket over a t-shirt, totally normal cotton pants, plus a thin, knit cap are way more than adequate, even when the something in between snow and hail that S calls snail comes pelting down.  I’ve even seen people in shorts and t-shirts, although they weren’t doing much more than sauntering between their heated car and the overheated grocery store.  But the cold really is so mild, I feel stupid for having hauled my winter jacket all the way over here.  The one time I wore it I simply died of being too warm (the cold here is dry and the sun, when it’s out, is super warm).  On the other hand, I will be super glad to have it in the insidiously wet cold that will greet me when I get back to northern Germany.

I will definitely have to try to get back here to Alaska sometime.  There is so much to see, both in terms of quality and quantity.  (“Biggest state in the union,” boasted S before flipping Texas the bird.) The water and the coast and the mountains all look so inviting.

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