More Chick Pix!

7 28 2019a

Last year’s Mama Hen waited four or five days before bringing her chick outdoors.  But this year’s hauled them out first thing on day 2, only minutes before I ran out there with my camera.


7 28 2019d.jpg

Everybody else was a bit WTF are those things????



7 29 2019b.jpg

Today they’re wandering all around even more than they did yesterday and Mama Hen is teaching them the fine art of digging the lawn into a golf course to find good things to eat.



7 29 2019d.jpg

The only photos I can manage to get of Penguina/Chilly Willy involve her/him running away, which is sad, because s/he has a totally cute little white penguin belly.



7 29 2019e.jpg

You can almost see it here.




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