Garfield Telephones

Six and a half years ago, I was walking along the beach of the village I had been living in in Brittany when I came across this sight:

10 23 2012b

“Eh?” I thought. “What is that???” I zoomed my camera in.

10 23 2012c

Was it…. a forlorn Garfield mask? (It was October, after all, even in the French weren’t super big into Halloween.)

But today I have learned the answer. It was part of a Garfield telephone, one of hundreds, perhaps even thousands,  lost at sea during a big storm in the early 1980s. A shipping container must have gone overboard and ended up lodged inside a sea cave that remains submerged most of the time. Apparently, Davy Jones has been unimpressed enough to have spent the last 35+ years slowly regurgitating them back up onto local beaches, inspiring residents to form anti-pollution groups who patrol the beaches, picking them up, shaking their fists in fury and disgust.

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