Sushi Burrito

I am struggling. There is, apparently, such a thing as a sushi burrito. In fact, it is not just a thing but a thing that has been a thing long enough for their to be fast food restaurants that serve them and recipes for them hosted by such venerable institutions as the BBC. The Washington Post has even written about them. Years ago!

The only response I can conjure is one of complete revulsion. A sushi burrito is just sick and wrong. Does this make me an old fart? I hope not. To me, it’s all about surface to volume ratios and a sushi burrito’s would be wrong. WRONG. WRONG!!! (Ugh, just imagine a thick slab of cold, raw tuna at the core of a long roll of rice and dried seaweed.)

But that doesn’t meant I won’t try making one at some point, just to be sure… With just cucumber and avocado (and rice and seaweed), it could work. Hmmm…

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