German Efficiency

Anyone who thinks Germans are efficient has either never lived here or is comparing them to the French. What Germans are is thorough. Case in point, this bullet casing:

2 10 2019

Spouse was out on the Baltic Sea a few months back on an expedition mapping sites where munitions were dumped after WWII and taking water samples to determine the extent to which nasty chemicals from TNT, etc are leaking out into local ecosystems and/or fish that people eat. They found lots of things on the shallow seabed, including an entire V-2 rocket and this empty bullet casing, which one of the divers brought up and Spouse brought home.

The man who identified the V-2 on seabed from the sonar was a former military guy now firmly committed to getting this mess cleaned up. He noted down the serial numbers from the bottom of the bullet casing and, once he was able to get home and look in up, told Spouse which group of German soldiers in WWII had shot the bullet, during which battle, and on what date. He apologized, however, for being unable to say which soldier it was.

** Yikes! As I was pondering some pithy sentence to wrap up the thought about efficiency vs thoroughness, I looked out the window to see a chicken diving for cover and a crow right there, in the air, attacking the beautiful white goshawk that had come to nab a hen.  Thanks, neighbor crow. We owe you one. **

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