Wading Briefly into the Current Pop Culture Stream

Yesterday I extracted myself from the mountain of deferred garden maintenance (about 30 years’ worth) long enough to go see a movie in an actual theater.  And I even ended up liking it.  A Star Is Born.  Definitely worth the price of admission.

In a nutshell:  Lady Gaga can act!  Bradley Cooper can sing!  And, wow, for those of us utterly out of the auto-tuned pop cultural loop, yow, Lady Gaga can really sing!  (Seriously, I had no idea.)  But most importantly.  Holy cow.  That was Andrew Dice Clay?!

Not sure what the Big Lebowski cowboy was doing there though, except that he must have stepped out of a time machine.  He hasn’t aged a day.

Now someone please get the song out of my head.  I need to get a restraining order.  It won’t leave me alone.

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